Fish Tank Basics For Beginners

Maintaining a marine exhibit, be it fresh water or sea water is a hobby that can stimulate minds of individuals of multiple age groups. Starting off small and eventually opting for complex aquariums can be considered the correct way in understanding how the process works with various tweaking and fine tuning enabling knowledge in maintaining larger scale units.The initial step of research is required to create and maintain a well planned fish tank lighting. The process of deciding on fresh water or seas water units depending on the variety of fish planned on adding along with the sizing and various components are initial concerns to be addressed during the stage of research and exploration.Tank size – Though any size being suitable for freshwater fish, the smaller the unit, lesser number of fish and equipment can be installed. Generally a 10 gallon or approximately 34 litre tanks is recommended for beginners opting for the therapeutic hobby. Larger units can be installed with a diverse ecosystem in handling fluctuations within the water quality as opposed to smaller which absorb toxins and reduce stress on fish. 

Usually a general rule of 1 inch of fish (Body length) for each gallon or 3.78 litres of water can be a standard application to follow in maintaining a sustainable eco friendly environment.Setting up stage – utilization of good quality aquarium filtration equipment with adequate bio filtration in breaking down food particles and fish waste is required in maintaining the environment for healthy fish. Having multiple filtration types from power filters, wet-dry systems to canister filters, the choices are dependent on the sizing and variety of fish planned on utilizing the aquarium. Information relating to components are advised to be discussed with specialist aquarium shops in understanding what suits the need best prior to any purchase. Comparing costs with other sources also minimizes additional costs allowing savings to purchase other needed equipment for the tank.Water test – With expensive fish and plants installed within an aquarium, it is mandatory to utilize test kits in ascertaining the PH levels, ammonia, nitrite and phosphate in maintaining a perfect environment. Additions – having options from plants, decorative components, sensitive heaters, colourful lighting, best protein skimmer, the style and design can be completed to liking with information from the internet whilst consulting specialist who are willing to advise enthusiasts on how things are done differently.